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Travel to Capitol Park by Train

Morley Railway Station is located on the eastern side of Morley Town centre, approximately two miles from Capitol Park Leeds.

The distance from Capitol Park is perhaps too far for some to walk - it's a 40 minute walk - but it's very convenient if you were to cycle to and from the station. The trains which stop at Morley all allow cyclists to travel with their bikes.

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Every 30 minutes during the morning and evening peaks Leeds - Cottingley - Morley - Batley - Dewsbury - Ravensthorpe - Mirfield - Deighton - Huddersfield.

At Leeds, Dewsbury and Huddersfield you can connect to an excellent range of local and long distance train services.


West Yorkshire Metro Network

Morley Railway Station is shown within the West Yorkshire Metro network here. Click on the image to view or download.

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Morley Station Timetable

The train times for Morley Station are shown here. Click on the image to view or download.