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Travel Plans

A Travel Plan is a package of practical measures aimed at encouraging staff and visitors to choose alternative modes of travel to that of the private car (particularly for single occupancy journeys). The Travel Plan analyses the key transport challenges and opportunities facing an employer, and provides the structure to develop an integrated, strategic response.

A Strategic Travel Plan for Kettering Business Park has already been prepared and agreed with the Council. Through changes in travel habits the Strategic Travel Plan will provide benefits for:
• individuals - through improved health, reduced stress and potential cost savings;
• the occupying companies - through healthier and more motivated staff, reduced congestion and improved access to the site for employees and visitors;
• the environment - through improved air quality - with less noise, dirt and fumes, as well as by reducing the impact of other national and global environmental problems such as photochemical smog and global warming.

The Strategic Travel Plan sets out the strategic plan for the overall development. It provides a framework within which the Travel Plans for the individual occupiers will be developed. The Strategic Travel Plan will
thereby secure a co-ordinated approach to transport policy and provide would-be occupiers with the standards that will be required of them.

The Strategic Travel Plan is available for downloading on the right.

Travel Plan Contact

The contact for the Travel Guide Web site, and for any Kettering Business Park travel plan queries, is John Vernon at Northern Transport Planning. He can be contacted as follows:

Email: John Vernon ...